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https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250137979 - TGIK
http://www.itayemi.com/blog/2019/09/12/dual-booting-mac-osx-and-windows-on-macbookpro/ - itayemi


TGIK provided a DSDT patch tutorial for the Mac/Clover bootloader, while itayemi provided a Windows tutorial to create and execute a DSDT patch. I've made a script to automate itayemi's method and added other needed and useful tools that is needed to make Windows 10 or 11 compatible. 

This will allow you to install multiple Windows partitions in EFI/GPT and you will not need Bootcamp Assistant or the Superbay ROM. This had been tested and works on all 2011 MacBook Pros. Some mid and late 2010 MacBook Pro models work too. BootCamp drivers are updated per version release to stay consistent to newer Windows builds. Windows 11 will most likely be the last Windows Operating System to be compatible to Valor. This is subject to change at any point. Each version of Valor is subject to have Bootcamp drivers removed or replaced due to BSODs.

Please keep in mind that macOS will automatically convert the partition table to Hybrid MBR if NFTS is next to HFS+ or APFS+. To prevent macOS from converting the partition table from GPT to Hybrid MBR you are going to want to have your partitions setup like in the image below.

Valor & Valor Lite 2020 Christmas Update

Valor & Valor Lite Deployment Tutorial

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No further updates will be made to Valor after 3/12/23 for Windows 11
Sun Valley 3 - Windows 11 Feature Update:



Only Valor Lite 22H2.iso and Valor AIO 22H2.iso has been updated:

- Updated WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard)
- Updated Ninite
- Removed duplicate installers from the script (7-Zip)
- Removed AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys files from the bootcamp.msi installer to prevent BSODs.


Valor & Valor Lite has been broken down into two versions per edition for example,

Valor Lite 21H2.iso

Valor AIO 21H2.iso


Valor Lite 22H2.iso
Valor AIO 22H2.iso


In previous versions of Valor I removed the MacHAL.sys aka AppleHAL driver from the bootcamp.msi install package and provided a newer version of MacHAL.sys and MacHAL.inf into the Valor script.
There are two files that are in the 21H2 versions of Valor, which are AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys. The files were supported by Apple to allow Windows to detect HFS+ formatted drives. In the Windows 11 22H2 Release Preview these files caused both of my MacBook Pros to crash causing blue screens of death. Since the drivers are old they are not compatible with the latest version of Windows. I patched the bootcamp.msi package by removing the AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys drivers. Since I was able to eliminate those files, Windows 11 22H2 has been stable on my MacBook Pro Early 2011 without anymore blue screens of death. The patched bootcamp.msi package is in both Valor Lite 22H2.iso and Valor AIO 22H2.iso.

If you are using an older version of Valor, you must follow these steps until I can make a script to automate this process. You must boot to safe mode and go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers and find AppleHFS.sys & AppleMNT.sys and delete them before updating to Windows 11 22H2.
If you want to restore the drivers you can use the bootcamp.msi package from both Valor Lite 21H2.iso or Valor AIO 21H2.iso.

Valor project has been cancelled for the "Sun Valley 3" Windows 11 feature update that is coming later this fall in 2023. I will not be continuing the project due to the fact that drivers are to old for Windows 11 to use. I can not find newer drivers to replace the drivers in the bootcamp.msi package. I can not deliver an exceptional experience with half working drivers. Valor AIO and Lite 22H2 ISOs are the last builds of the project.

Valor & Valor Lite USB & ISO Mounting Setup Tutorial


Valor Script: A Frankin-Mac Project

DSDT Patch to Enable Audio Drivers in EFI Installed Version of Windows 10 & 11,
Blue Screen Of Death fix, and more.

"A Bootcamp DSDT Sound & Drivers Patch for the Intel MacBook Pros 2010-2011"

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