Used Tron Script - Stage 2, Sycnex/Windows10Debloater, Destory Windows Spy, & Windows Privacy Dashboard.
These programs were used to remove telemetry & bloatware. Manually removed Windows Apps from Windowsapps folder in Program Files.
Destory Windows Spy Log:

The best part is that the user HAS the ability to UNINSTALL any of the preinstalled programs if they want. This is for Windows 10 users that do not want to deal with all that 10 bloatware and telemetry. I will release feature updates that includes security updates in .ISO format. Windows updates will be turned on but paused upon install. User must be weary of feature updates as it could add back telemetry and 10 bloatware. You will be able to use Rufus to extract the .iso file to the USB. This will allow Windows to install to your SSD/HDD like normal. Built-In Administrator account is unlocked and will auto login after install. No privacy questions or "out of the box experience" prompt after install as all telemetry has been purged and turned off. Use Windows Privacy Dashboard to make changes to location if you choose too. Yes, Microsoft Store and Microsoft Account Sign-In does work unless you turn setting off through Windows Privacy Dashboard. If you want to block Windows Updates use Windows Privacy Dashboard, Windows Defender is disabled by default to preserve system resources for older devices. You may re-enable Windows Defender or add your own Anti-Virus.

PatriotOS - Photo Gallery

PatriotOS - Modified Build of Windows 10 22H2

Windows 11 Development - No Plans At This Time!
Download Free & Enjoy! No Advertisements or Surveys Required.

Download link to ISO: Memorial Release Coming Soon 5/29/2023

Support by Discord:
List of modifications done to Windows 10 22H2:
Microsoft Store - Functional

Openshell - Adds Windows 7 start menu to Windows 10
Windows Mobile Device Center
Zune - Zune patch to allow users to update their Zunes
Windows Media Player 11 - thx to MEM756
Windows Movie Makers (2.6 - XP, 6 - Vista, 15.4 - 7+)
Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 - Photo viewer / editor
Games for Windows Live
Xbox 360 Controller Input Drivers
Xbox One Controller Input Driver Fix
Windows DVD Maker - thx to Zungle,
Windows DVD Player
Photo Viewer
Classic MSConfig
Classic Task Manager
Classic Calculator
Classic Sticky Notes
Windows XP and 7 Games - including Tinker Classic, minus Internet XP games
Windows Media Center
Windows Calendar
Media Player Classic - Adds codecs to Windows Media Player 11 / Windows 98 Media Player rebranded
Windows XP Paint
Office Tool Plus - Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Office downloader
Policy Plus - Group Policy Editor
WinNTSetup - Multi utility for Windows
ExecTI - Super run with Trusted Installer Admin Privilages
Windows File Manager - Legacy file manager from earlier versions of Windows
Microsoft PowerToys - Adds the macOS Spotlight feature to Windows plus other Windows utilities
Destory Windows Spy
Windows Privacy Dashboard
Intel & AMD Driver Assistants - Finds and installs device drivers that Windows Updates may have missed
AVS Registry Cleaner - Registry, junk files, broken shortcut cleaner, repairs installed applications.
iObit Uninstaller Portable - Enhanced uninstaller to remove left behind files
VirusTotal / HerdProtect Uploaders - Anti-virus online uploaders
MiniTool Partition Wizard 10 - Enhanced disk manager
Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Opera GX are not installed by default but setup installers are provided. 
CyrstalDisk Info - Used to detect bad drives
Chromium (Replaced Microsoft Edge and removed reinstaller) - Adblock & Adober Reader extensions added
DuckDuckGo Extension - Batch script that will help install extension to replace Google search in Chromium
Discord - Howeitworks Discord batch script invite link is in Windows Toolkit folder
Browsers & Discords setup files are located in Windows Toolkit folder

Windows 10 Photos & Video Editor - Not default photo viewer

If you want to restore the Window 10 applications, run this command in powershell with admin privilages:
Get-AppxPackage -allusers | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register “$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode} 

 "Modifying Windows back to the way it used to be!"