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Education will teach freedom, freedom will teach happiness, happiness will take you in an invincible direction. The sky is never the limit.

-Andrew Quintin Howe offers Discord services for community development and support. Please understand that all local laws do apply and rules have been put in place to make it clean and fun for all members in our community. 

You can find support for the following these following topics:
- Xbox 360 (Retro-X) - Xbox Series S | X (Includes Xbox One series)
- Zune (Includes software support)
- macOS (Includes Mac OS X)
- Linux (Includes legacy versions)
- Android (Versions 9 or higher) (Samsung focused)
- iOS
- iPadOS
- Office 2003 - Microsoft 365
- Legacy Microsoft applications (Ex. Windows Essentials 2012)
- Bootcamp support
- Windows 8 - 10
- Windows 11 (Includes support for unsupported machines)
- Bettercamp (Coming Soon) (Bootcamp Assistant alternative)
- Valor & Valor Lite
- Direction
- Self promotion & Discord partnerships (Open and available)

                          You can unlock more content that is not listed on my website if you join my Discord!
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Thank you so much for being here, I'm excited for you! Now you are probably wondering who I am and what I do! I'm soon to enroll into school as most of everything that you see here has been acquired by self-taught or experience. I love technology, I love helping people, and I like putting them together!



Here on this site as more content will be added, you will come to see that there will be a cluster of rich knowledge on how to maintain your home machines and fix your Zune. If you haven’t caught on to my last name, I like to use it as a pun. You may see more film edits of mine as new pages will be added to the site soon. I post my hobbies and my knowledge for everyone to learn. I hope you enjoy!


What I specialize in:

·         Video Editing

·         Information Technology

·         Sales

·         Filming

·         Photo Editing

·         Wireless Sales

·         Cable and Internet Management